The Importance of Language Therapy in Lisps and Stuttering

The Importance of Language Therapy in Lisps and Stuttering

Many children are diagnosed today with lisps or stuttering. These conditions can certainly have a painful impact on them and parents as well, but thanks to language therapy they can be minimised and even eliminated. Experts can assess the behavior and conditions of the kid and see exactly why he is facing these issues, and come along with solutions that can help him/her recover. Parents also have their role in the process. As such, they can do the following:

– Removing or diminishing the intensity of conflicting factors of stuttering and lisps

Creating a relaxing, affectionate climate, influencing the child
through games that develop courage, avoiding games that awaken
aggression; Dance, music without exaggerating by avoiding the genres of music that stir up aggression
– Creating resistance to stressful factors by physiological
conditioning, ensuring quiet hours of sleep, avoiding
restlessness before sleep, providing meals at regular classes,
excursions, sports activities
– Expressing fluent speech without attracting attention, through
conversations with simple sentences, accessible content, well-rounded
movements, avoiding high tone, sudden questions, fluent speech exercises
in situations that stimulate the safety and the desire to communicate.
– When the child has difficulty in telling certain words, parents must “speak out of their mouths.”
– Don’t force them to pronounce sentences to which they had unpleasant experiences before
– Using stories, illustrated books, enriching the child’s vocabulary
– In the kindergarten, the child must be included in a normal collectivity, in activities where all children are involved.

All these can help children improve their speech conditions and interact more easily with those around them. In addition, speech therapy is very important and needs to be followed as recommended by the specialist. There are certain learning tools to improve speech, but they need to be recommended by an expert in the matter. Since every child is unique, they need to have a certain treatment plan in order to help them recover their speaking ability in best conditions.


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