Speech Therapy Tools

Speech Therapy Tools

If you want to learn about Speech Therapy Tools and anti-stutter technology, then read this article all the way to the end. Specifically, I’ll cover anti-stutter devices, how they work, and why some don’t. After you’re done with this article, you should be able to make an informed choice about buying a speech therapy tool.

Most therapy tools, ( stutter devices), on the market use DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback). DAF allows the stutterer to hear his voice with a time delay, almost like an echo. DAF fools the brain into thinking it is talking in unison with another person (the Choral Effect.) The problem with DAF stutter devices is that the effect wears off with time, so DAF is only temporary.

DMAF (Digital Mixed Auditory Feedback) technology is another technology used in Stutter Devices. This technology is not temporary. The reason is, they use natural components of speech, such as Vocal Tone. This vocal tone is heard as a Buzzing sound; then it is mixed with the person’s voice by the device. This effect reduces muscle tension on the ‘Vocal Folds’ and automatically improves the coordination of the speech muscles involved. This, in turn, ‘teaches’ the user to improve stuttering speech. The use of DMAF technology proves to be superior over DAF technology.

Although its been said,” there is no ‘cure’ for stuttering”, devices which use DMAF technology are close to being one.

Now that you know about the digital technology that is used, making an informed choice should be easy.

This early information to the brain–gives the brain more specific control over the speech muscle tension levels associated with speech. This process, combined with a speech therapy program that is done at home, will day by day, improve the coordination of speech muscles’ activities, thereby substantially reducing stuttering.

The more the person uses the ant stutter speech therapy tool, the more tension levels associated with stuttered speech along with other habitual factors associated with stuttered speech will be reduced, until one day the speech therapy tool may not be needed.

The Speech Therapy Tool and the therapy booklet gives the person a combined leverage to improve one’s speech day by day.



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